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Personal Assistance Services

Personal Assistant Services -Independent Living Homes

  • Team members support adults who live together in houses or apartments before they transition to their individual homes with fewer or no supports. 

  • Houses are staffed 10-24 hours every day depending on consumer needs.  

  • Team members teach skills in the areas of meal-planning, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, money- management, decision-making, internet safety, getting along with others, managing work schedules and appointments, and navigating friendships and relationships. 

  • Team members encourage employment, community participation, exercise, appropriate social interactions, leisure activities, and healthy living. 

Personal Assistant Services – Individual Services

  • Team members support children and young adults in home, school, daycare, and community settings.

  • Consumers each receive 1- to 14-hours per day of one-on-one or group-based services.  

  • Consumers have individualized learning, self-care, social, and communication goals and individualized plans and  activities.

  • The goal is for each consumer to meet his/her potential in his/her real-world settings.      

Personal Assistant Services – Behavioral Services

  • Team members provide services to individuals who engage in disruptive, destructive, aggressive, and/or self-injurious behavior. 

  • Consumers receive 1- to 10-hours per day of one-on-one services.

  • Team members are supervised by BCBAs (Board-Certified Behavior Analysts) as they work to understand client motivations for negative behavior and variables that reinforce or maintain it.  

  • Team members teach relevant communication skills, tolerance, calming strategies, and alternative behavior while coaching relevant stakeholders to respond to negative behavior differently.

  • The goal is to help each consumer reach his/her potential in real-life situations by replacing his/her negative behavior with socially-acceptable alternatives.

  • As negative behavior decreases and communication skills improve, consumers begin to participate in and benefit from other services. 

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