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Career Interest and Skills Evaluation  (CISE)

CISE is an assessment process that allows clients or students to experiment with 16 different types of occupations while Trendline staff document their interest levels, skills, and challenges.  The process also tests different support strategies to see which work best for which tasks. 

1.   The client or student

performs tasks in as many as 16 jobs or occupations in realistic situations in a single location.


2.   Trendline staff support

the individual by modeling steps, showing videos of steps, giving verbal instructions, using picture sequences, or providing written checklists.

3.   Trendline staff collect

data about the individual's enjoyment of each task, performance of each step, and effectiveness of each type of prompt or support.

4.   Daily wrap-ups are used

to discuss findings with the individual and his/her team.  

5.   Staff create final

products including a full report of all findings, a set of action steps that will help the individual attain additional training or employment in a field that will fit his/her strengths and interests, and an electronic portfolio that documents the individual's CISE experience. 

6.   The individual can

continue with Trendline Consulting Employment Services, or staff can help bridge to other providers. 


  • Work with a Dog, Turtle, Fish, Rabbit, and Horse
  • Clean Animal Habitats

  • Feed Animals

  • Brush Animals

  • Walk or Interact With Animals

  • Experiences with Horses Also Available 

  • Care for an Infant
  • Change a Diaper
  • Dress an Infant
  • Prepare a Baby Bottle
  • Feed an Infant
  • Rock an Infant to Sleep


  • Build a Wooden Bookcase from Scratch

  • Measure for Cuts and Holes

  • Use Hand and Table Saw

  • Use Electric Drill

  • Use Sawhorses and Clamps

  • Use Paint Brush and Roller


  • Run a Small Cafe

  • Prep Ingredients for Cooking

  • Make Nachos, Quesadillas, Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Mini Pizzas, and Smoothies

  • Take Customer Orders

  • Take Payment and Make Change

  • Clean


  • Build a Skateboard.

  • Locate Pieces.

  • Use Manual Tools.

  • Use Small Power Tools.


  • Work in an Office Setting

  • Open Mail and e-Mails

  • Scan and Copy Documents.

  • File Papers

  • Enter Data

  • Answer Phone Calls

  • Transfer Calls and Take Messages


  • Be a Hotel Housekeeper

  • Make a Bed

  • Clean a Mirror, Sink, and Toilet

  • Sweep and Mop

  • \Vacuum

  • Replace Snacks and Dishes


  • Be a Health Care Assistant

  • Take Patient Information

  • Take Temperature and Blood Pressure

  • Measure Height and Weight

  • Treat a Wound

  • Wrap a Sprained Ankle

In all, these 16 jobs or occupational areas include 90 different tasks that test more than 200 gross motor, fine motor, sensory, cognitive, language, and interpersonal skills.  Trendline staff use the results to find "best fit" jobs and educational experiences within the consumer's community and to plot a path forward toward fulfilling employment.


CISE sessions can be scheduled more or less intensively to complete the process in as little time as 1 week or in as much time as 3 months. 

The lead for our CISE project is Melissa Grither.  Please contact Melissa at TrendlineMNG@gmail.comfor more information. 


  • Take Care of Plants

  • Mow Grass

  • Trim a Bush or Hedge

  • Use a Weed-Eater

  • Plant a Plant


  • Keep the Shop in Tip-Top Shape

  • Follow Planagrams for Stocking

  • Front Merchandise

  • Tag and Price Items

  • Ring Up Customer Sales


  • Run a Warehouse

  • Receive and Inventory  Merchandise 

  • Find Merchandise to Fill Orders

  • Ship Merchandise to Correct Locations

  • Operate Manual Lifts

  • Use Shrink-Wrap Rolls and Tape Dispensers


  • Be a Reporter

  • Find Information and Images for Your News Story

  • Record an Interview

  • Edit Interview Footage

  • Create a PowerPresentation

  • Deliver Your Story on Camera


  • Fix Things Up to Make Them New Again

  • Use Hand Tools

  • Replace a Spark Plug

  • Replace a Screen in a Door

  • Refurbish a Broken Book Case


  • Analyze a Donut Dilemma

  • Work with Staff to Analyze Data

  • Identify the Problem 

  • Make Recommendations 


  • Deliver the Goods

  • Check in Packages

  • Receive Delivery Orders

  • Use Mapping Apps to Identify Delivery Routes

  • Deliver Goods and People to Their Destinations


  • Make I.T. Happen

  • Set Up a New iPad

  • Set Up a Computer's Audio

  • Hold a Video Conference Call

  • Make and Print a Business Card

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