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Life Skills University

   Our Life Skills University (LSU) program serves young adults and adults within structured classes.  Multiple courses are offered during each 12-week semester.  

   Now offering 8 new courses, our courses generally fall within the categories of self-care, sports and leisure, arts and crafts, employment, and independence.  They are structured to range from basic to advanced so that each semester offers something for everyone.

   Our Director of LSU is Lacie Tiehes.  Please contact Lacie at with questions or ideas.  

LSU 2024

Spring Semester 2023

LSU Spring 2024

Summer Semester 2023

LSU Summer 2024

Fall Semester 2023

LSU Fall 2024

Recent Semesters

LSU Fall 2019
LSU Special Schedule Courses
LSU 2019 Summer
LSU 202 Spring
LSU 2018 Spring
LSU 2018 Fall
LSU Summer 2017
2020 LSU Fall
LSU Summer 2017 cont.
LSU 2020 Summer
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