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Trendline Consulting was established August 1, 2009.


We specialize in designing assessments, behavior support plans, and instructional activities for individuals who are identified as having autism-spectrum disorders, severe learning  disabilities, and emotional / behavioral problems.


We are family-friendly, school-friendly, data-driven, and committed to achieving meaningful gains within home, school, and community settings.

Our services and service delivery systems are flexible enough to meet your unique needs. 


Contact us for more information.


Serving individuals across the lifespan. 


On-site services when and where you need them.


Local providers to reduce travel time.


Training and support that can be provided within individual, family, or group settings.


Complete confidentiality and professionalism.


Respect for your family's lifestyle, history, and culture.


Rapid response times and minimal waiting lists. 


Complete flexibility to create trainings and supports to meet your unique needs.

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