Seriously Awesome Social Skills Group

Our SASS (Seriously Awesome Social Skills) program is intended for children (ages 5-12) who have some communication skills but struggle with social interactions and social situations.  Group members meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and each month's activities include structured lessons, weekly swimming opportunities, and two outings.  


March 2020

  • SASS is led by Matt Stoelb (573-999-3568), Sarah Noe, and Jackie Bullard. 

  • SASS sessions meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:15am to 1:15pm and from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

  • Two outings are scheduled on most months.  

  • Lessons for March will include "Everyone's Different", "Asking for Help", "Reading Emotions", "Responding to Emotions", and "When Things Don't Go Your Way." 

  • The prior lessons and skills listed below will continue to be reinforced: 

    • Paying Attention​

    • Being in the Right Place

    • Looking Both Ways

    • Following Directions

    • Who Goes First?

    • Meeting New People

    • When People Bug Us

March 2020 Sessions

SASS 2020 03 Calendar.png